The Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend In Daytona Beach

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With Daytona Beach an easy 5 hour drive down the coast from Charleston (or a direct flight from Charlotte) its no wonder so many people decide to head there for their vacations. But have you considered Daytona Beach for your bachelorette weekend? Daytona Beach is known for their 23 miles of pristine coastline but what you might not know is it is also a value-packed destination full of opportunities for bachelorette fun! There is a reason why Daytona Beach is known as the “World’s Most Famous Beach.” It really is that pretty. With soft white sand and bright blue water, I have to be honest and say it is way prettier than the brown-ish water we are stuck with here in Charleston. There’s also something magical about visiting a Florida beach, maybe it’s the extra salt in the air, but you automatically feel more relaxed and on vacation. Daytona Beach is the perfect location if you are looking for a relaxing bachelorette weekend to reconnect with your bridesmaids. The best way to introduce your bridesmaids to each other and get everyone friendly fast is to do an activity. Luckily, Daytona Beach offers lots of watersports activities, perfect for small groups. From sunset catamaran cruises, kayak tours, paddle boarding and airboat and gator charters (my personal favorite) there’s no way you’d get bored.Once you’ve worked up a tan there are tons of activities to enjoy on land as well. Enjoy an afternoon of shopping at the Riverfront Front Shops or the Volusia Mall – Daytona Beach is a shopping mecca. And not to worry, the Riverfront Front Shops includes an iPhone repair so a cracked phone won’t ruin anyone’s weekend!Daytona Beach offers much more than just a relaxing ocean view. The area is also home to the tallest lighthouse in Florida the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and Museum. There are also lots of historic attractions nearby including Rockefeller’s Ormond Beach home and four historic sugar mill plantations. Nighttime activities aren’t just limited to bar hopping as the Daytona Beach Bandshell offers free concerts from April through October. Their Summer Concert Series even includes fireworks on Saturday evenings!When I visit a new destination I love to see a bit of the local side of things. A great way to do this is through farmer’s markets and Daytona Beach happens to have several throughout the week, all offering local vendors goods. Speaking of checking out local haunts, The Daytona Beach Ale Trail is not to be missed. A perfect activity for a bachelorette weekend (or bachelor!) This trail will take you on a tour of the diverse brewery’s Daytona Beach offers.As far as places to stay in Daytona Beach there is something for every bridal party. From large hotels overlooking the boardwalk to pastel colored bed & breakfasts. With a bachelorette weekend at Daytona Beach you don’t have to compromise anything as there are activities to keep all of your bridesmaids happy. From watersports, brewery tours, farmer’s markets, and historic plantations Daytona Beach offers a value-packed bachelorette weekend unlike any other location! Daytona Beach Weekday Getaway Deals

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