Save Your Tired Toes With Talaria Flats

I am so excited to introduce you to my favorite new shoe brand – Talaria Flats! If you’re getting married chances are you’ve picked out a swanky pair of heels but have you thought about your feet for the reception? After a day on your feet taking pictures and walking around you are bound to have some tired toes. Instead of donning flip-flops or going barefoot when the band kicks off, try a pair of Talaria Flats! Wedding_Ballet_Flats_001

These foldable ballet flats are perfect to slip on when you need a break from your fabulous heels. Unlike most foldable flats the back elastic does not pinch your heels and the buttery leather is like wearing silk slippers! Take my word for it, I wore my pair of Talaria Flats on a 10-hour flight to Paris and I could not have been more comfortable! Wedding_Ballet_Flats_003 Wedding_Ballet_Flats_005Talaria Flats come in black, white, champagne and silver, colors that would easily match any bride’s style. These flats are also sold in event boxes and would make a perfect wedding day gift for your bridesmaids! There’s nothing worse than wearing a fancy dress and a pair of flip-flops. So spare yourself and your bridesmaids the pain of sore dancing feet and grab a pair of Talaria Flats. I promise your toes will thank you! Wedding_Ballet_Flats_002

This post is sponsored by Talaria Flats. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting our advertisers who help make this blog possible!

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