Planning a Destination Wedding at Sandals Royal Bahamian

This past February I was given the opportunity to escape the chilly Charleston winter (for us Southerners at least!) to visit The Sandals Royal Bahamian with my Aisle Society blogger friends. With suites overlooking the ocean, candlelit dinners, and fruity drinks under cabanas, we were given the most relaxing experience ever. After only a few days in the Bahamian sun I can attest that Sandals is a resort not to miss and is the ideal location for couples planning a destination wedding.Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_001 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_002There is hands down no easier place to plan a wedding or honeymoon than at Sandals. With their all-inclusive, completely customizable packages, Sandals Weddingmoons has taken the stress completely out of wedding planing. And when you’re planning a destination wedding, isn’t that the point? Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_003 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_004 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_005 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_006Rather than selecting from cookie-cutter packages the Weddingmoons team has created customizable options for every aspect of your wedding. You have the ability to select everything from the decor, colors, menu, and more. The team at Sandals Weddingmoons truly wants your wedding planning to be as worry free as possible. Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_007 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_008The minute you walk through the doors at Sandals you adapt their “no worry movement.” Personally I think there is nothing more relaxing on vacation than not having to worry about cooking and their all-inclusive policy makes this possible. You can spend the days leading up to your wedding relaxing poolside, snorkeling, or wandering in and out of the 10 different restaurants at The Royal Bahamian. Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_009 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_010 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_011 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_012 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_013 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_014 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_015During my visit to the Sandals Royal Bahamian I was blown away with the hospitable staff and the kind people we met. Sandals wants everyone that visits to have a relaxing stress-free time and they deliver. If you are considering planning a destination wedding and honeymoon there is no better all-inclusive package than Sandals. Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_016 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_017 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_018 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_019 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_020 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_021 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_022 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_023 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_024 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_026 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_027 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_028 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_029 Sandals_Royal_Bahamian_Weddingmoons_030
Video always gives such a great feel for how a place is so don’t forget to watch the video of our trip!

Sandals Royal Bahamian sponsored our stay in the Bahamas. All opinions are my own are not endorsed by Sandals, Aisle Society, or their affiliates.
Resort: Sandals Royal Bahamian // Event Design: Sandals Weddingmoons // Photography: Alexis June Weddings // Videography: Caroline & Evan

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2 thoughts on “Planning a Destination Wedding at Sandals Royal Bahamian

  1. We just had our honeymoon at the Sandals in Jamaica and it couldn’t have been better. They truly take care of everything, EVERYTHING you might want or need. I’d recommend it 1000x and we will definitely be going to another Sandals resort!

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