Planning A Destination Wedding At Royalton Blue Waters

If you follow me on social media, then you know that a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Royalton Blue Waters in Montego Bay, Jamaica with two of my blogging friends Ami and Sara. This was my first visit to Jamaica and one of the very first weeks this all-inclusive resort was open so I was super excited! Royalton Blue Waters completely blew all of my expectations away. I expected it to be warm and sunny but had no idea how perfectly turquoise the water would be or how relaxing their poolside cabanas are. Read on below to learn about my experience at this resort and their special accommodations for weddings and honeymoons! royalton-blue-waters-weddings_001 As I mentioned above Royalton Blue Waters is a brand new resort in Montego Bay. Their suites are beyond luxurious with rain showers, Jacuzzi tubs, and amazingly comfy DreamBed’s. Not to mention there were usb charging stations throughout the room and the best Wi-Fi I have experienced in the Caribbean. Every suite looks out on an ocean view so you are greeted by sunshine and the salty smell of ocean each morning. royalton-blue-waters-weddings_002royalton-blue-waters-weddings_003royalton-blue-waters-weddings_004royalton-blue-waters-weddings_005I quickly fell into a routine while at the resort. I would wake up early; pick up Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and fresh banana bread and head down to the beach. I absolutely loved spending the morning under the straw umbrellas on the beach and realized that if I woke up early enough I could have the beach all to myself – how cool is that! The water in Jamaica is the perfect shade of turquoise and the Royalton staff rakes the beach every morning. It literally is the image you see on computer screen savers brought to life. royalton-blue-waters-weddings_006royalton-blue-waters-weddings_007royalton-blue-waters-weddings_008royalton-blue-waters-weddings_009royalton-blue-waters-weddings_010Each night we enjoyed dinner at one of their different restaurants that were all so good it is tough to pick a favorite! One of the most unique experiences Royalton Blue Waters offers is their C/X Culinary Experience. I could not recommend this enough, especially for wedding parties and rehearsal dinners. The Culinary Experience takes place in a private room where a personal chef takes you through seven courses with musical selections to accompany each dish. For our dinner we enjoyed a seven course meal featuring conch three ways, Caribbean spiny lobster, and Orange Rumbaba featuring local rums. royalton-blue-waters-weddings_011royalton-blue-waters-weddings_012 If you are looking for the perfect location for your destination wedding Royalton Blue Waters is it. Royalton Resorts truly believe in All-In Luxury and when you book a wedding with them you can relax as their highly trained staff takes care of all the details.royalton-blue-waters-weddings_013royalton-blue-waters-weddings_014Royalton Blue Waters has a private island on property that is ideal for small weddings and rehearsal dinners. We enjoyed a private dinner on the island and it was absolutely magical enjoying an evening underneath palm trees strung with fairy lights and the light ocean breeze. I can’t think of anything more perfect!royalton-blue-waters-weddings_015royalton-blue-waters-weddings_016royalton-blue-waters-weddings_017 For ceremonies Royalton Blue Waters has many locations but I really liked their cabana overlooking the water. An easy walk from the hotel (an important detail when you’re in a wedding dress) the location provides privacy and a stunning view.royalton-blue-waters-weddings_018royalton-blue-waters-weddings_019royalton-blue-waters-weddings_020All wedding packages include a late check out for the bride and groom and a 20% discount on spa services. I highly suggest taking advantage of this discount, as their massages will leave you blissfully relaxed. The last amazing experience I want to mention is Royalton Blue Waters private cabanas. Featuring their own lounge areas, butler, and pool. These cabanas would be perfect for an afternoon spent with your wedding party sipping on a Dirty Banana and enjoying some local Jerk Chicken! royalton-blue-waters-weddings_021royalton-blue-waters-weddings_022

While this post is not sponsored complimentary accommodations and travel were provided. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography

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