Get A Straighter Smile For Your Wedding With Invisalign

For that extra boost of confidence on wedding day you may want to consider Invisalign. While many brides amp up their workout routine, creating a beauty plan leading up to your wedding is just as important. A bright, white, straight smile is one of the prettiest things you can wear on wedding day and something you’ll definitely notice in your pictures. Today we’re teaming up with Charleston Orthodontic Specialists to explain how Invisalign clear aligners can take your bridal look to the next level and why you should add this to your pre-wedding beauty regime.Invisalign is completely different than the braces we all know and love from middle school. Rather than having a mouth full of rubber bands (that is… unless you want bands to match your wedding colors!) Invisalign discreetly straightens your teeth and is almost completely invisible. You can wear Invisalign to all of your pre-wedding functions without fear that anyone will notice.Charleston Orthodontic Specialists only focus is on giving you the best smile and in the shortest amount of time for the most affordable price. With 15 years experience with Invisalign the doctors at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists have learned how to create the best treatment plans to get their patients to straighter teeth faster!It’s important to meet with Charleston Orthodontic Specialists early to start planning your Invisalign treatments. Their offices offer a unique option with Invisalign Express that takes 3-6 months and costs about half the normal price. For teeth that need a little bit more, normal treatments are about 6-12 months. Just as you book a venue twelve months in advance, you should consider your beauty routine early. So don’t delay, book your first appointment with Charleston Orthodontic Specialists today and get started on the path to a straighter wedding day smile!

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