Easy Paper Donut Cones And Glitter Donuts!

Happy National Donut Day! In honor of this sticky sweet celebration I came up with a super easy DIY. These paper cones are perfect to display donuts at your wedding dessert bar and they allow guests to take and carry their snacks around without getting too sticky. (psst we shared all of the donut bar supplies you might need here last week!) These paper cone donut holders are so quick and simple that you can make them this morning just in time for today’s celebrations!
Pack of Cardstock
White Paint
Paint Brush
Edible Glitter
Washi Tape
First you will need to cut your cardstock into 6×6″ squares. This size fits about 3 donut holes but if your donuts are larger cut larger squares. Using a paint brush paint a design on one side of your cardstock.Once the paint has dried hold your paper by one corner. Lightly crease with your thumb as you overlap the opposing corners. But don’t overlap too much as this will make your cone too small.Secure your paper cone with a bit of colorful washi tape. I especially love this glitter tape from etsy!Sprinkle your donut holes with a bit of edible glitter and start filling your donut cones!

Photography + Styling: Gillian Ellis Photography

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