DIY Calligraphy Marble Place Cards

I absolutely love the look of organic weddings so I decided to create an easy DIY that would match this wedding theme. I have seen these marble place cards floating around the internet and decided to use my Cricut to make a budget friendly version. By using your Cricut machine you can save money on a calligrapher and make a ton of these place cards quick! Read on below to learn how to make these marble place cards using your Cricut! Psst… don’t have a Cricut? Head to my Instagram post today for a chance to win your own!Supplies:
Cricut Explore Air
4″ Marble Tiles
Gold Vinyl
Cricut Tools
Adhesive Cutting Mat
Transfer Tape
For this project we used a calligraphy font to give it a handwritten feel. Simply type up your seating chart in Photoshop and upload it into Design Space. Drag your file open to 2″ by 3″. This is the perfect size for 4″ marble tiles. Add your gold vinyl to the cutting mat and move your Cricut dial to vinyl. Load your cutting mat and press the flashing Cricut button to begin cutting! Once your Cricut has finished cutting out your place card design use the weeding tool to carefully remove the negative space.Place transfer tape over your gold vinyl and use the scraper to re-enforce the design on to your transfer tape. I often find it is hard to get all of the vinyl to stick to the transfer tape when the letters are thin and delicate so this tool is invaluable!Place your design over a marble tile and smooth on using the scraper tool. Carefully remove the transfer tape to reveal your finished place card!

Below are a few examples of other wedding details that would look gorgeous with these place cards. Silk linens, farm chairs, and lots of greenery would make these marble place cards pop and complete the organic look! Get even more Cricut wedding day ideas HERE!

Diana McGregor Photography via Style Me Pretty // Laura Sponaugle Photography via Ruffled Kate Ignatowski via Once Wed // via Belles and Bubbles

Budget Savvy DIY Marble Place Cards

Photography + Styling: Gillian Ellis Photography
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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25 thoughts on “DIY Calligraphy Marble Place Cards

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  3. I have been obsessing over this idea for my wedding but thought about the cost of a calligrapher or stress of me calligraphy-ing. I just got a cricut and THIS. MADE. ME. SO. HAPPY!!!!!

    I’m assuming you used a vinyl like Oracle 651? Because I notice you’re not sealing it. I was wondering I thought about turning them into coasters and putting the table number on the back on the cork board I would use.

    • Hi Kathryn! The Vinyl is by Cricut and linked in the blog post. I highly recommend it! There’s no need to seal it.

  4. These are great! Do you think it would be too hard and intricate to do these on 3 inch tiles? To fit the table number and name I wasn’t sure.. thank you!

    • Hi Mary Anne! 4 inch sounds large but it is actually pretty small. 3 inch tile could work but it may look a bit cramped and you want people to be able to read what’s printed easily.

  5. Hello! I’m new to the Cricut world and purchased the machine because I was inspired to make these amazing place cards/coasters for my wedding. So thank you for posting! Is Photoshop necessary or would I be able to use a different editing software?

    • Hi Joyce! Wow, that’s so exciting! Welcome to the world of Cricut. I promise you’ll get obsessed! I believe you need Photoshop or Illustrator to create custom SVG files. And if you plan on making a lot of projects in the future it will make sense to download one of these programs. Can’t wait to see your projects!

  6. Hi,

    Love your project! Did you have any trouble with this font cutting on your machine? Mine seems to not like the handstroke look and I can’t figure out how to troubleshoot it.

    • Hi Jody! Thank you, glad you like it! I do not have any trouble with this font. Sometimes if the font is too small and skinny I have trouble removing the backing but then I just up the size of the font. If your letters aren’t connecting then that’s a problem of the font. You will need to go into photoshop and adjust the setting of the font to be closer. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks for the quick reply! I’m not sure if they have made an update to the font so it now has more of a brushed stroked look since it is hand painted and is not so smooth around the edges. White also shows through in the middles of the letters and around the edging that the cricut then tries to cut. Guess it might be time to try out a new font.

        • Hi Jody, That’s still the same font! It doesn’t show up if you use smaller letters. Also, try playing around with the settings in photoshop. You can really change a lot!

  7. Hi! Love your post! I just got the Cricut Explore Air 2 last week and I’m already loving it. Yesterday I tried to stick vinyl on shiny marble tile that we had left over and laying around from a flooring project a couple months ago, and the vinyl did not want to stick to the marble. Any idea why? Is it because it has a shiny finish? What finish is best for this project? Thank you!

    • Thank you Karolina! I hope you are enjoying your new Cricut! I used a flat marble for this project so yes, it may not be sticking because your marble is shiny and that makes it too slick.

  8. Hi Gillian,
    I absolutely love your work. I surfed the internet in search of this kind of work. Finally, I have found it at yours. You showed the easy way to calligraphy on marble. you used the gold vinyl, which looks great to me. I have ordered circuit tools to make this kind of card in my home.
    Thank you for sharing this idea.

  9. Hi! What color vinyl did you use? I only see honey or caramel on the Cricut website, not a gold. There is a glitter gold but I’d prefer not to use glitter!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Callie, I used regular gold vinyl and this post links to it. It is listed on the Cricut site but looks like more of a brown shade online.

  10. Hi Gillian!
    Similar to other users this project has inspired me to buy a Cricut and make these beautiful tiles as escort cards for my upcoming wedding! I can see you used November Starlight for the Calligraphy font, but what font did you use for “Table 2”? I love the idea of using a non-script font for that part.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Amy, Yay! I’m so excited to hear you are making these escort cards for your wedding. You are going to love using your Cricut! For the “table 2” font I believe I used Tahoma in all caps and made the spacing closer.

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