Will You Be My Bridesmaid Valentine’s Cards

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I decided to whip up a quick and simple DIY for the holiday! Using our free printable you can easily make these Valentine’s cards for your bridesmaids in under 10 minutes. Bring back the joy of school days with these Valentine’s cards featuring kitschy plastic rhinestone rings from Oriental Trading!Supplies:
Rhinestone Rings
Washi Tape
Pink Cardstock Assortment
Hole Punch
Paper Cutter
Free Printable First you will need to download our free printable (here). Then simply print out the design onto your pink cardstock. Cut out the cards using a paper cutter so you have perfectly straight sides. Place your hole punch right below the “m” in gem and punch two holes. One right below the other in a straight line. Next take a rhinestone ring and carefully punch it through the two holes. Use a piece of washi tape to secure your rhinestone ring on the backside of your card. That’s it! Maybe the easiest Will You Be My Bridesmaids cards ever!

Get all the supplies you need below!

Photography + Styling: Gillian Ellis Photography

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